Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Doodle

Shortly after Lucy was born,  I started calling her Doodle. And many derivatives of that. Lucy doodle. Baby doodle. Yankee Doodle.  When we sing Yankee Doodle, We change the words to Lucy Doodle.  In fact, Lucy probably thinks she was named after that song instead of "Lucy in the sky with diamonds".
When Lucy wakes up from her nap, Maggie tells me "your doodle is awake".
I think she looks just like my husband and his mother. She has my hair although the red could come from either side. In my opinion,  her eyes are the shape of Devon's and the color of my mom's. A dark blue that are almost purple.
Every now and then, I will catch a glimpse of her where she looks just like my grandma (my dad's mom). Every now and then I catch a glimpse of her where she looks like me. 
It's funny because I posted this picture on Facebook last week and a few of my cousins commented on how much Lucy and I both look like my grandma.  (I never thought I looked like her). After two years of feeling like this little girl got nothing from me but her stubbornness,  I finally feel like I had something to do with this little girl.  

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Work life

A little over four years ago,  I graduated from nursing school.  The whole time that I was in school,  I was convinced that I wanted to work in labor and delivery.  However, a few weeks before I graduated,  I found out I was pregnant with Maggie which meant that I had to stay at the hospital I had been working at in order to qualify for any sort of maternity leave.
My hospital didn't have any positions open in labor and delivery and I wasn't up for trying new departments while pregnant so I stayed on my med/surg/oncology floor where I had worked as a student. 
I didn't love it,  at times I hated it,  but I got along with my coworkers and I was comfortable. 
In April,  a labor and delivery position opened up and the recruiter called to ask if I was interested.  After a few interviews,  I got the position.  It meant working night shift for the first time ever, but it was what I wanted.
It's now been about two months and I really like it.  In three weeks,  I will be switching back to day shift which will be easier on the girls and on my husband's schedule for work.
It's just really hard to start over, especially after being so comfortable in my old unit. I like the people on this unit, but I don't know them in the same way.  I definitely don't have the same comfort level in my skills that I had before.  I've gone from being the resource person to needing a resource person.  I know it will get easier but I am far from it right now. 
Here's a cute Lucy picture to cheer up this depressing post.