Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Every year during the last weekend in August,  my parents' church hosts an epic party called  Kirchenfest, which supposedly means church fest in German. In the 25 years that my parents have lived in their town, I've missed it only twice.  The girls have gone every year since they were born. 
The whole town gets together to eat, drink, dance and get together.  There are games for the kids, a raffle,  and an auction.  It's huge!
Every year,  my mom has shirts made for the girls and my nephews that say "Kirchenfest Kutie" or "my first Kirchenfest" for the newest babies.  Lucy turned one month old at her first Kirchenfest.
The highlights this year were meeting "Mickey", "Minnie" & "Cinderella". Maggie was finally old enough to enjoy playing the games and won a fabulous inflatable horse that she named Thomas.  Lucy played some games too but only liked the ones where she got to throw things.
It's so fun to watch the girls enjoy something that was loved so much as a kid and I love watching my friends' kids run around together just like we did at that age.

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