Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Double your pleasure

One of the things that concerned me most when I found out I was pregnant with Lucy was how I was going to have time to spend with each child. I know most parents worry about this with a second (or later) child, but knowing how close in age they would be scared me.
When Lucy was born a month early, the twenty months that were supposed to separate my kids' birthdays shrunk to nineteen short months. Even now, when I look back at pictures of Maggie when Lucy was born, she looks like such a baby herself. I think there should be a bumper sticker made that says "I survived two under two!"
It is difficult to find time for each of them individually. Since Lucy is still small, Maggie and I will often go on "Mommy and Maggie dates" while my husband stays home with Lucy. Usually, these are trips to Target or the grocery store, but mostly they are a chance for us to spend time one on one together. As Lucy gets older, we will switch out.
Some days their nap schedule is totally off so Lucy is wide awake during Maggie's nap. As frustrating as this can be for me sometimes (naptime is my break time!), it is nice to play with Lucy while Maggie is sleeping and then to play with Maggie while Lucy is sleeping.
Just recently, the girls started playing with each other. They make each other laugh and play little games that they (or just Maggie) make up.
This is the best part of having them so close together.

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