Thursday, March 8, 2012

Growing Up

My girls are growing up so fast. When I was first pregnant, everyone told me how fast it would happen, but I didn't know that this is what they meant.
Maggie is two years and two months old and has officially entered the language explosion phase. Every day she picks up ten new words. Tonight, we had a five minute discussion about how everyone we know hears with their ears. She is also a master mimic. Sometimes, I make up dances just to watch her copy them. People talk about the terrible twos, but my two year old is AWESOME!!
But then, so is my seven month old. She is so happy and smiley. People stop me all the time out in public to tell me how cute her smile is. It's to the point where I worry that Maggie might get a complex. She loves blowing raspberries and reaching for things (especially hair!) Then the switch flips, and you see the other side of Lucy. The banshee-shreiking, bloody-murder-screaming, why-can't-you-feed-me-or-change-my-diaper-fast-enough kid. Luckily, she calms down pretty quickly, and blows more raspberries.
As excited as I am for them to grow up, I wish I could freeze them just like they are today.

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