Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It is sooo warm here in Chicago today. We have had a very mild winter, but today is awesome. I think it is close to 60!
To celebrate the weather (and leap day), the girls and I went to Target this morning and got some new chalk and some bubbles for the backyard.
When we got home Lucy took a nap inside, and Maggie and I went out back to play. She had so much fun running around in and out of her playhouse and drawing on the sidewalk. I have a feeling she is going to take a really long nap this afternoon.
I also bought some new clothesline and clothespins so I was able to hang the cloth diapers outside to dry. This is my favorite way to dry the diapers. They might take a little longer to dry, but the sun gets the stains out and they smell much better. When we lived in our apartment, we had sun in the backyard all afternoon. In our new backyard, the sun starts moving behind the neighbor's tree around 1pm. I guess this means I'll have to wash the diapers the night before this summer so they will be ready to hang first thing in the morning. At least, there will be some nice shade in the afternoons when it is time to drag out the baby pool! Or to play on the swingset that the girls are going to get in a few weeks.

Lucy enjoying the weather.

Maggie drawing with chalk.

Diapers drying on the line.

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