Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to Work

I crammed as much into the last few days of maternity leave as possible. Thursday we went to the Children's Museum. Maggie had a great time. I think that even my husband had more fun than he expected.
Friday we spent the afternoon visiting with my grandmother and great aunt. They have a great time visiting the girls, and I think it is good for the girls to spend time with them as well.
Saturday, my husband was at work but the girls and I went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day. We only got about halfway through the animals before Maggie started to crash. Lucy slept through the whole zoo, but I know she will love it too eventually.
Sunday was my first day back at work. Apparently my unit has been short-staffed recently and Sunday was no exception. I was hoping it would be a little easier since the weekends are usually slower, but I was wrong.
The first day was hard, but I do like my job and it was kind of nice to get back to normal. I am picking up an overtime shift next week so we can start making up for the time I wasn't paid on maternity leave.
The huge benefit of working twelve hour shifts is that I only have to work three days a week, so I can easily pick up overtime shifts or just wnjoy my four days off every week!

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