Thursday, October 13, 2011

Firsts and Lasts

Yesterday my husband and I were both off from work (which is a rare occurrence). We decided to take the girls to the beach for a little picnic and to enjoy the last of the warm weather. It was Lucy's first trip to the beach and she slept through most of it. I did let her dip her feet in Lake Michigan which she was not a fan of. It was Maggie's second trip to the beach since we took her once last summer when she was about seven months old. Obviously, she didn't remember it. Once she got used to the sand, she loved it. Next summer we'll have to go when it is warm enough to splash around in the lake.
I realized yesterday also that Lucy is really getting big. She has definately outgrown all of her newborn sized clothes (which makes sense since she is eleven weeks old today)I think it will only be a few more weeks before she outgrows her 0-3 month clothes too. Last night we had left the diaper bag in the car and the rest of Lucy's extra-small diaper covers were dirty. I decided to try a size small diaper cover on her and it actually fit pretty well. I think by the end of the month she will have moved on to her size small diaper covers.
It's funny because it seems like I just pulled out all of Maggie's newborn clothes and diapers for Lucy to wear. Now, Lucy is growing out of everything! It's a little bittersweet because some of the outfits are so cute and I don't know if I will have another baby who will wear them. We are hoping to have two more kids (in a couple of years) but who knows if we'll have another girl!

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